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Before handing over your money or credit card when purchasing any goods at a well-known large motorcycle shop in Ashford make sure you are aware of their unfair returns policy.
15 days ago I bought a textile biking jacket and trousers with a view to wearing it if it looked as if rain was likely when going on a friend's bike.
It lay on the bed with the labels on untouched because I pulled a muscle in my back and will be unable to go on a bike for some time.
I rang the famous motorcycle shop in Ashford and was finally informed by the "big boss" in Maidstone that they would be willing to give me 75% of the money I paid!!! They would retain 25% as a "restocking fee" (all on the reverse of the printed receipt in faint type). At no time was it pointed out to me before I paid that I had 7 days to return it and no mention of a penalty of 25%. In view of the fact that the labels are ALL on the garments and it has not been touched since I bought it I find it difficult to accept that this large company treats its customers in this fashion. I have been a good customer over the past few years but urge everyone to think twice before they purchase something as they will have great trouble returning it!!! I think that this company has never heard of customer relations or even public relations.